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ClientToys 4 UsYear2022AuthorValentina VaccottiAuthorGabriela NisizakiShare

This rebranding project was made partnering with Gabriela Nisizaki in 2022.

We embraced Montessori principles of simplicity, hands-on learning, and child-led exploration to create a new brand for a company that specializes in renting and re circulating between families used and new Montessori toys.

We crafted a logo reflecting playful learning, with Montessori-inspired symbols like the pinwheel and a heart. We also included arrows to evoke the circular economy aspect of the brand.

Choosing calming, nature-based colors and easy-to-read fonts for a warm, inviting feel.

We also created a website, with a focus on easy navigation and showcasing the toys categorically for different age groups and learning styles. High-quality images of toys and kids in natural settings to entice parents seeking safe, stimulating playthings.

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